Fabric Copenhagen designs and manufactures an exclusive and embracing range of textile-products for homes and hotels worldwide. Inspired by the eclectic bohemian twenties and eastern spirituality new unique collections are continuously introduced.

PRODUCTS: Today, Fabric Copenhagen has a broad pallet of products including linen, cotton and silk qualities

SILK: The design line of silk contains a pure velvet line, a velvet-silk line and a pure silk line. The different design-lines all combines in a harmonic and inspiring way to a Bohemian luxurious look. All Fabric Copenhagen silk blankets are hand-quilted. The velvet lines are all produced from the finest quality natural product silk weaves and quilted by hand. The filling is polyester, which makes them washable in water at 30 degrees wool wash and flat dry at room temperature. The silk velour designs reflect the Vietnamese appreciation of aesthetics, the embracing calm atmosphere and approach to life. The colorful collection includes quilts, bedspreads and pillows in various formats.

LES BALLADES: Les Ballades, our linen design line features a historic look rooted in the deep Scandinavian colors and shapes. 
The collection contains bedspreads, beddings, pillows, tablemats, table runners, napkins and curtains. Les Ballades is a delicate range of products made in Europe in every detail. The design, the manufacturing and even the fields growing the raw linen are European. Les Ballades products are made of 100% pure linen with Oeko-Tex Certificate. The can be washed in water at 40 degrees.

HISTORY: During a trip to Vietnam, the founder of Fabric Copenhagen, Annette Egholm, came across a small Vietnamese family sewing Salon. It happened to be a moment of magic. The Salon handled silks in the most amazingly soft qualities, and the range of colors was breathtaking. The moment Annette touched the soft silks and looked at the lovely velvets, she knew this was the beginning of something special. Today, 12 years later, Fabric Copenhagen is an established brand at international fairs and appreciated by interior decorators, high-end shops and hotels.

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ANNETTE EGHOLM, designer and owner: Asia, Vietnam is my second home. The Vietnamese appreciation of aesthetics, the embracing calm atmosphere…There is no doubt that the Vietnamese approach to life has become a part of my DNA. I am truly inspired by the Vietnamese mindset. I adopted my children in Vietnam and one of my visits there inspired me to start the production of Fabric Copenhagen.

Annette Egholm designs and weaves and her dedicated and refined sense has brought her far. Already before graduating at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, 1997, Annette’s placemats that were a product of the finishing project were to be bought by MOMA, New York, as they were an outstanding creation.

‘Danish Crafts.dk made the way for my graduating project at The Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts. I believe i got a great idea with my finishing project – The woven paper room divider. I was blessed with great success at an early state of my career and soon I started designing woven placemats as well. Crafts.dk helped me through the selling and distributing with great success. “I got an amazing take off, which has set the scene for Fabric Copenhagen.”

Back then when having graduated, Annette Egholm invested in five antique industrial looms. Working hard weaving the unique placemats, room dividers and rugs, Annette gained a deep understanding of both material and production, as she was both designing and weaving the products herself. Today the five looms are part of the permanent National Heritage exhibition at the National Museum of Denmark.

”I always seek to find the essence of life in everything I do. I am passionate about my life. Life has drawn a fine line from where my career took off to where I am today – and Asia, Vietnam is the key to it all. It´s crystal clear and isn´t it an amazing detail that the family sewing Salon in Vietnam I work with, uses the same kind of looms that set off my earliest production?”